Why It Works

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Squeaky Cheeks has completely avoided the use of inexpensive fillers and toxic ingredients, making them a number one choice for households across the country. We take our ingredients straight from nature to provide odor free, sweat free, and chafe free solutions for your day-to-day life. We know how important it is for our customers to know exactly what they are putting on their skin. Backed by science and extensive studies, Squeaky Cheeks is safe for every age group and sensitive skin.

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What’s In Squeaky Cheeks?

Our exact recipe is confidential, but it is made up of 100% all-natural ingredients. The mix of bentonite clay, arrowroot, slippery elm bark, and essential oils make up the perfectly safe product for your everyday issues.

The product's formula provides every age with an easy to apply powder and the essential oil blend actually smells good. The bentonite clay wicks moisture and detoxifies while the slippery elm bark lubricates and treats. It makes all of your unders overcome with a fresh and dry environment.


Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay has been used for thousands of years to remove toxins and other impurities. Science says that the clay absorbs oils and dirt from the skin. Its natural minerals provide many other health benefits.

Bentonite clay is a key component in wicking away moisture while cleaning and protecting skin. It has also been known to heal skin infections or acne. It’s detoxifying and antibacterial properties draw the impurities off of your skin to leave it healthy and refreshed.


Slippery Elm Bark

Slippery elm bark is a natural lubricative substance that has been used for decades as an alternative medicine for skin irritations including diaper rash and Psoriasis. It plays a key role in our Squeaky Cheeks ingredients to absorb, transform, and moisturize.

Slippery elm bark’s main function is to lubricate, but secondly it protects. It protects by forming a clean barrier for irritated skin and then treating the irritation itself. The anti-inflammatory properties help heal wounds, skin irritations, and burns.


Essential Oils

Essential oils are a key ingredient in many products nowadays. Did you know Vick’s uses eucalyptus and mint? In our Squeaky Cheeks blend we take it to a new level. We use each oil's healing properties as well as their odor defeating properties. It was important for us to make you smell better AND help create an antibacterial barrier between you and the stink.

One of our oils main healing properties is to soothe sore muscles, ease stress, and alleviate headaches. It was so important for us to take into consideration all the ways we could heal while soothing. Essential oils are a great way to naturally combat odor, heal, and soothe.

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Safe For Kids

As parents, we are definitely weary of the items we put in and on our kids. The blend of 100% natural ingredients makes it very safe to use on every person, no matter the age group. As parents, we are definitely weary of the items we put in and on our kids.

The blend of 100% natural ingredients makes it very safe to use on every person, no matter the age group. Our proprietary blend will wick away the moisture, treat the skin problems, and refresh from the stink.


Stop The Chafing

The combination of moisture, irritating fabrics, and friction mixed with the prolonged rubbing of your skin makes for an uncomfortable rash. Chafing ranges in symptoms from a mild rash to the severity of bleeding, swelling, and crusting. Bottom line, it’s miserable.

With a dash of Squeaky Cheeks that can all come to a stop. Slippery elm bark and the bentonite clay jump right into action by lubricating and medicating right at the source. Bentonite clay wicks away the moisture and the arrowroot adds a barrier to keep the area dry.


Protect Against Blisters

Blisters have to be one of the worst skin irritations in my book. They tell you never to pop them, if you pop them, they feel better, but they can get infected. Que in Squeaky Cheeks. The powder creates a barrier, adds in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and lubricates within your first use.

The new pair of shoes that are bound to give you blisters- a dash of our blend will change the outcome and ultimately prevent that from happening. Squeaky Cheeks is quickly becoming a favorite amongst those that have an active lifestyle. The blisters that come with workouts, sporting activities, and running have been avoided with the consistent use of this product.


Sweat & Odor Free

Your feet are one of the key places where sweat and toxins leave your body. Add a little bacteria in there and now we have stinky, sweaty feet. This also goes for your armpits and other under the cover places.

The blend of natural ingredients with the additional essential oils combats the smell. The stinky feet smell is unlike any other body odor smell. The mixture of hot, sweaty feet and soles of shoes is awful. When Squeaky Cheeks is applied directly to the shoes it instantly gets rid of the smell and makes the smelliest of shoes new again.

We totally understand how miserable sweat, stink, and irritation are. Squeaky Cheeks’ natural top of the line ingredients work to eliminate the pain it brings to real people of every age group. It is our hope that you understand how this proprietary blend works to treat the most irritating life occurrences. A dash of the powder in your shoes, socks, or even pants can eliminate the stink, the sweat, and prevent the chafe.